Turn Your Donation
Requests into Off-Season Bookings

Streamline your donation requests, promote your property, and generate incremental revenue all at the same time.

Property Managers / Vacation Providers

If you’d like to reach an affluent, motivated audience to promote your business and to fill slow periods and last-minute vacancies, we can help. Provide a little information, and we'll spend 20 minutes with you to show you how it works. You can post slow season vacations that we’ll promote at black tie galas and on private label nonprofit websites for you. You'll enjoy maximum flexibility on rates as well as "friendly upsell" opportunities. We leverage the demand created by supporters of thousands of nonprofits and we maintain rate integrity. We also offer (optional) full integration to several PMS solutions to automatically promote your properties and only show the off-season and last-minute vacancies.

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Property Owners

Create a listing, tell us the slow period that you want us to promote, and we’ll promote your property to motivated supporters of thousands of charities. If you have an ICS calendar that you work from, simply enter the URL for your calendar and we’ll check for slow period weeks that are available and try to book those for you and generate some extra revenue! We also encourage a small group of owners to post slow season vacation certificates to generate some incremental revenue.

Learn more about our free program!